The Farm Wholesale: Craft Cannabis & Marijuana Seeds

The Farm's craft cannabis strains are now available for wholesale to Colorado state licensed recreational dispensaries. In addition to our Farm-Bred marijuana strains, we also grow many traditional favorites. Providing your customers with a variety of pesticide-free, high-quality cannabis has never been easier.

Making it Easy

At The Farm, we understand the difficulties in navigating the seas of compliance and want to make purchasing wholesale cannabis products for your licensed Colorado recreational dispensary as easy as possible.  We offer a variety of traditional strains as well as Farm-bred strains.  All of our cannabis flower is small batch grown and craft quality. 

Buyer Checklist

We've created a checklist of items needed from the buyer for the wholesale transaction.  Providing this information in advance will allow us to complete your order in a timely fashion.

General Information

  • Retail License Information including City and State

  • Federal EIN Number

  • Company Name and Full Address

Additional Information required for Metrc:

  • Driver Name

  • Drivers License State and Number (copy of DL is required)

  • MMC Badge Number (copy of badge is required)

  • Vehicle Make and Model

  • License Plate Number

  • Route for Manifest

Getting Started

Contact us via email us at We will get back to you within 24 hours of  your request. Wholesale inventory levels fluctuate daily.  Please contact us directly to obtain the most current list of available strains. 

The Farm Wholesale

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